Monte to receive “Career Achievement Award”!

We are very excited to announce today that in addition to being nominated by the Los Angeles Music Awards in the category of “Best Male Singer/Songwriter,” Monte is also the recipient of a “Career Achievement Award – Guitarist” for the Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards! This is a huge honor!!

Monte will be presented with his “Career Achievement Award” at the Los Angeles Music Awards on Nov. 15.

  • cctexasgirl

    CONGRATS MONTE!!! Well deserved.

  • John LaHair

    Sweet news to end the week and start the weekend! CONGRATS!

  • Congratulations Monte! So deserved and earned. Enjoy and bask in your success and honors.

  • Audrey Wilmot

    Congradulations Monte I am besides my self happy for you
    But imma gonna burst out in proud tears any moment
    So I better hurry post this

  • Susan Graham

    Congratulations, Monte! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving musician.

  • Congratulations Monte! more achievements to come!

  • Shaunna

    congratulations Monte!

  • Cynthilu

    So proud of all of your hard earned awards!! A lifetime of work and talent being recognized….it’s a wonderful thing! Congratulations Friend XO

  • B-Movie Zombie

    Congrats Monte! Just think, this is just the beginning..

  • Machelle Bowman Dass

    Congratulations Monte! Looking forward to the awards ceremony. : )

  • Trish Jackson

    Congrats Monte! So happy for you! Talent and dedication due pay off! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. You are missed in LA. xoxo

  • JPolitte

    OMG!!!! Congrats Monte – it’s all falling into place and more accolades to come!!!!