Holidays Break – The Rebel Heart Tour resumes in 2016!

The Rebel Heart Band & Crew are on their way back to their homes to take a small break for the holidays before they come back to resume the tour! Monte posted this message on Instagram:

On the plane headed back to the states. ✈️🇺🇸Europe has been amazing! Such incredible crowds. Experiences I’ll never forget. So many new friends and new memories. -Everybody have a great Holiday! See you all again before you know it! #rebelhearttour


Glasgow was the last European show and it ended with Madonna performing “Holiday” unplugged — no problem for the Queen; see what happened below!



  • Robert/Cologne

    Had front row for Glasgow which turned out to be my last show(due to illness) but what an end .It was so special the lights went on ,Marlyn Ortiz ran out hugged me and we sang our hearts out to Holiday . No one could really hear anything but the crowd made up for that and Madonna ,Monte and the rest of the crew made up for the lights going up. I will never forget this evening . Iconic