Monte Pittman

“It’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s Monte Pittman”

Check out the first full review for Monte’s upcoming solo album “Inverted Grasp of Balance” coming from our friends at The Hellion Rocks!

I was excited to review this record as I have spoken with Monte before and have enjoyed his previous work. I didn’t realize that I would spend the rest of the day and the next listening to it on repeat and still humming the songs long after. There is a level of craftsmanship to this record that is hard to find these days (one other is the work of Jeff Sandoval and Mike Araiza). There is no doubt that music flows through the soul of Monte Pittman and I hear nods to so many musicians in his playing and writing.  When a record is made for the purpose of sharing what one feels in their minds ear, it is profound and beautiful.

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