Metal Forces reviews “The Power of Three” and rates it 9/10!

Metal Forces Magazine has posted on their website the review for Monte’s new album and rates it with 9 out of 10! Here’s an excerpt:

“The more I listen to The Power Of Three the more I want to listen to it. Monte Pittman has created an album overflowing with classic sounds, intensity, and thick walls of distortion. The sound is huge, and it’s hard to believe all this power comes from only three musicians. The Power Of Three is what metal is all about, and Monte Pittman is all about metal.”

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Uber Rock reviews “The Power of Three”

Another great review of Monte’s new album “The Power of Three” has hit the web. Uber Rock mentions that “After you hear the opening track, ‘A Dark Horse’, you’ll be a fan regardless [...] There’s a whiff of newer age thrash ala ‘Death Magnetic’ and Pittman’s vocals are a clean, refreshingly ‘fresh’ style that aids the listener through some monstrous tracks”.

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PowerLine Magazine reviews “The Power Of Three”

PowerLine Magazine has reviewed “The Power of Three” and rated it with 4 out of 5 stars. Here’s an excerpt of the review: “The hard-charging “A Dark Horse,” with its shadowy, sinister acoustic intro knitted together by Pittman’s fingers, “Missing” and “Delusions of Grandeur” tear the roof off The Power of Three with furious riffs and heart-pounding speed, leaving just enough room for Pittman to reel off spectacularly frenzied solos.”

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