Monte Pittman is grateful to have been associated with some of the best musical instrument companies in the world. His collaboration with Gibson while playing guitar alongside Madonna yielded some of Gibson’s coolest looking custom guitars ever; his work with legendary British amp maker Orange helped inspire Orange to release a limited edition white-tolex option on their valve amps (modeled after the all-white Rockerverbs that Monte requested for 2006′s Confessions Tour). He’s come a long way since the Synsonics Terminator– his first guitar, purchased at a mega-chain department store.

Currently, Monte is proud to be playing his signature guitar, the MPS by Jarrell guitars and Bourgeois acoustic guitars– the former one of the most exciting up-and-coming guitar companies in North America and the latter known around the world for their superb craftsmanship and also as one of the foremost authorities on the voicing, selection and utilization of fine acoustic tonewoods.

The Jarrell MPS was designed by Phillip Jarrell in a close collaboration with Monte and it was presented at the 2012 NAMM convention. Loaded with a special set of Seymour Duncan pickups the MPS is one of the most versatile guitars in the market.

Monte supplements his guitars with pickups by Seymour Duncan, custom bridges by Tone Pros, Fishman transducers, he uses D’Addario strings and plays with the mighty Dunlop Tortex pick– all of which run through a massive wall of Orange amplifiers.

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