Pain, Love & Destiny



Release Date: October 2nd, 2011
Genre: Rock
Montster WorldWide

Monte Pittman’s second solo album, is a sonic narrative that brings each listener into a world where they are each asked to confront their own fate, good or bad, and their eventual death – and rebirth.

Enhanced by electric guitar, synths and piano, this album features spiraling and at times soaring guitar solos, frenzied guitar structures, harmonies and an infusion of 1970s Southern California sunny Americana rock, blaring 80s stadium rock and 90s alternative rock.

The album transitions between introspective ballads and aggressive, at times sex-fueled rock anthems. Pittman, a guitar virtuoso, powerfully dominates the listener with his versatility and mastery of the guitar – holding each listener in a delicate balance of suspense and surprise. His unique almost shamanlike, primal storytelling and music are at their best yet.

Beginning with haunting piano, the album then culminates in one of the most captivating and most beautiful songs on the record, the album’s closer, “Predetermined Destiny,” a Beatles-esque ballad, that brings the idea of embracing one’s fate full circle.

Produced by: Noah Shain
Co-Produced by: Monte Pittman
Recorded & Engineered at White Buffalo Studios by: Noah Shain
Mastered by: Bob Lanzner at Techovoice Mastering