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Monte picks up his custom ESP Eclipse!


Just a few days prior to his birthday, Monte dropped by the ESP Guitars Factory and received his first birthday present: a custom ESP Eclipse! This guitar has a See Thru Black Cherry quilted maple top, ebony fretboard, 24 frets, Fishman pickups and all the goodies and top notch quality materials that come from the custom shop! Check it out!


Monte to play at the Hotel Cafe on December 12th!

Photo by Jeremy Saffer

Monte is going to perform some acoustic songs at the Hotel Cafe on December 12th! You can get your tickets HERE!

I’m playing an acoustic show Monday, December 12th at 7pm at the Hotel Cafe! Come out! I’ll be playing a little bit of everything. Something from each album + covers. You can get tickets at The Hotel Cafe’s website. I haven’t done an acoustic show in a while! I’m looking forward to playing some of these songs again.


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Monte joins Madonna in the streets of NYC for an intimate acoustic gig


On the eve of Election Day, Madonna turned up in Washington Square Park with a guitar, a handful of songs, and a heartfelt message about why she’s advocating for Hillary Clinton. Monte Pittman, her guitar man, was there to support her and play some acoustic songs!

The acoustic set list included Express Yourself, Don’t Tell Me, Imagine (John Lennon cover), Like A Prayer, If I Had A Hammer and Rebel Heart.

Check it out!

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Watch Monte’s video interview for Army of One


Monte Pittman spent a few days in New York City to talk about his new album, “Inverted Grasp of Balance” and also got a chance to talk about his amazing path from Longview, Texas to Los Angeles and being a guitar man for Madonna, Prong, Adam Lambert as well as his solo work.

Check it out!

The video is also available at:


Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel and Monte Pittman To Guest on Tomorrow’s Howard Stern Wrap Up Show!


Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel, will appear alongside guitarist MONTE PITTMAN on this Thursday’s edition of “The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show”.  They will discuss this weeks happening’s on The Howard Stern Show and Monte’s new album Inverted Grasp of Balance that was released this past Friday on Metal Blade Records.  The show airs at 11:00 AM EST on Howard 101 on SiriusXM and repeats throughout the day.

Inverted Grasp Of Balance can be previewed and purchased in various formats now at:

To assert that Pittman has had a storied career is something of an understatement. His resume includes an ongoing and fruitful collaboration with multi-platinum selling artist Madonna, having recorded and toured with her extensively over a period of more than fifteen years. Then there’s his first band, Myra Mains, his stint in the metallic behemoth that is Prong, and collaborations with a broad spectrum of international artists. If his time with Prong did not fully communicate just how much metal flowed through his veins, with 2014’s Flemming Rasmussen-produced The Power Of Three – his first release with Metal Blade Records – he compellingly blended killer riffs, blistering leads and gigantic hooks to deliver an album that was equal parts anthemic grandeur and in-your-face attitude, making metalheads around the world sit up and take note.

Now, for his latest offering, Inverted Grasp Of Balance, Pittman teamed up with powerhouse drummer Richard Christy of Charred Walls Of The Damned/Iced Earth/Death fame and virtuoso bassist Billy Sheehan, famous for his work with a plethora of talented artists – including David Lee Roth, Mr. Big and, more recently, Winery Dogs – the skill of all concerned explodes from the speakers. With such passionate professionals and Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Steel Panther) handling production duties, the record came together quickly and smoothly. This really is the proverbial “whole package”: an album that has been lovingly crafted in all aspects, that Pittman hopes reaches as many ears as possible. “I had a true vision for this record from the start, and I couldn’t imagine a better team to help me realize it,” Pittman comments. “We’re going to make some real noise with ‘Inverted Grasp Of Balance’ – so get ready!”

Inverted Grasp Of Balance track-listing:

1. Panic Attack
2. Arisen in Broad Daylight
3. Guilty Pleasure
4. The Times Are Changing
5. Double Edged Sword
6. Cadabra
7. Pride Comes Before the Fall
8. California
9. Be Very Afraid
10. Obliterated
11. Skeleton Key
12. New Blood Keeps Us Alive

Second single “Be Very Afraid” is out now!


Metal Blade Records has just released the 2nd single off Monte’s upcoming album “Inverted Grasp of Balance” (out on September 23rd). You can listen to “Be Very Afraid” below!

Monte also talked to The Rock Pit about the making of the new album, his favorite ESP guitar and how he has improved as a vocalist.

Scott: What led you to choosing Billy Sheehan and Richard Christy for this album, a couple of kickass players?! Are there any plans to take the new songs on the road?

Monte: We know each other through Metal Blade and management. Richard and I have the same managers. His band Charred Walls Of The Damned are on the same label. I was going to have a few different guests but schedules didn’t work out. I definitely want to get in the road. I can’t wait to perform this material in front of a live audience and mix it with my other material as well.

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