Monte will be the guest on Badass TV this Thursday, February 13th

Monte will be the guest on Evan Seinfeld’s Badass TV this Thursday, February 13th. After the interview, Monte will perform 2 songs from “The Power Of Three” with Aaron Rossi on drums and Eli Santana (guitarist for Holy Grail) on bass. The music video for “Before the Mourning Son” will also be shown.

Fans are welcome to go to the studio and watch through the glass.

W hotel
6250 Hollywood blvd

You can watch BadassTV right now at

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PowerLine Magazine reviews “The Power Of Three”

PowerLine Magazine has reviewed “The Power of Three” and rated it with 4 out of 5 stars. Here’s an excerpt of the review: “The hard-charging “A Dark Horse,” with its shadowy, sinister acoustic intro knitted together by Pittman’s fingers, “Missing” and “Delusions of Grandeur” tear the roof off The Power of Three with furious riffs and heart-pounding speed, leaving just enough room for Pittman to reel off spectacularly frenzied solos.”

Go HERE to read the full review!