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Monte to play with Karmin!


“Those who run seem to have all the fun” Madonna sing, and her guitarist is definitely the proof of that! Monte Pittman has joined Karmin for 3 shows in June! Check out the dates and if you’re around, do not miss our #RebelHeartGuitarist !


The Ultimate Jam Night Interviews with Monte Pittman


Monte has been a regular at the Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky lately and Highwire Daze Online caught up with Monte backstage to talk about playing for Madonna, Prong and his NEW SOLO album! Check it out!

Have you ever played Madonna any heavy metal?
Well yeah – we did the riff from Pantera’sA New Level” in the 2008/2009 on tour. It came from me, I showed her that riff and she’d always play it. She likes everybody. She had Maverick Records, they signed The Deftones. A great thing about playing with her, you get to play so many different styles. There’s always acoustic stuff, the funky stuff, the clean atmospheric stuff like songs from the Ray of Light album.

You mentioned you’re working on a new album? Tell me a little about it.
Just finished the next album, it’ll be out this year on Metal Blade again. We’re in the mixing process now. Once it’s mixed, go to mastering which should be easy and we’ll have the final artwork in the next few weeks.

Read the FULL interview HERE!

Monte Pittman joins LA KISS Football house band



Award-winning, chart-topping guitarist, Monte Pittman, has announced several performances from now through July 2016 as part of the LA KISS Football house band, which also boasts Patrick Stone (Budderside) and Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley)! Fans that attend the LA KISS home games will be witness to multiple sets from the band before, during, and after the game at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. See below for all dates:

Upcoming LA KISS Football home games
May 2nd
May 28th
June 5th
June 26th
July 11th
July 16th

To purchase tickets, and to learn more information about LA KISS Football, please visit:

In addition to being a renowned solo artist, Monte Pittman is also known for his guitar-work in Prong, for appearing on all of Madonna‘s live tours and albums (beginning with the 2001 “Drowned World Tour”), along with many other collaborations. Most recently, Monte Pittman released The Power of Three (2014) via Metal Blade Records – an album which was heralded as “the holy grail of riffage…” (Rock Revolt Magazine). To preview and purchase The Power of Three, please visit:


There are no goodbyes on the road


After 3.5 months of rehearsal
5 legs across the world
30 weeks of touring
82 shows
328 wardrobe changes
125 fellow tour mates
and hundreds and hundreds of new contacts

The Rebel Heart Tour has come to an end.  So how will Monte stay in touch with Aya and Bambi or Kiley and Nicki now the tour is over?


A photo posted by Guy Oseary (@guyoseary) on


Monte has recently found an app called ConnectiD that takes care of his address book when he is busy and keeps family and friends back home in LA aware of what timezone he is in when on the road.

“The sheer number of people I meet every time I travel makes manually keying their information into my smartphone really tedious…with ConnectiD I have a backed up version of my contacts if I lose my phone that always stay up to date and I can easily add the number/address for my latest hotel to my profile so I can be reached easily”

ConnectiD is the fastest way to exchange a set of details and control what you share with whom and in return you get accurate and real-time contact information for everyone you know who has it. Monte said “I’ve just updated my info and all my friends have instantly received my changes direct to their phones which is awesome…what’s even better is I never have to update other peoples details, if they make changes ConnectiD will update my address book which is cool as I’ll be busy with my new album and my online guitar lessons when I get back”

When ConnectiD Teams launches soon, Monte plans to use this for his online Guitar lessons which start mid-April, to send a notification to attendees when the session is due to start!

Stay up-to-date and connected with your contacts easily and always… Get ConnectiD





Monte back in the studio for solo album #4!

Monte Pittman in the studio

Fresh off the Rebel Heart Tour, our favorite Rock God went straight in the studio to record vocals for his fourth solo album! Monte said in the recent interview for Australian Musician that:

“I recorded all of the guitars on the Kemper. I did a lot of the guitars in my hotel room on tour. I’d take the Kemper to my hotel room with my guitar because the drums are already done, so I recorded all of the guitars myself. I pushed myself way past my boundaries with all of the guitar playing and guitar solos.”

Stay tuned for more news!


Australian Musician interviews Monte on the last day of tour!

Monte Sydney

Australian Musician spent some time with Monte on the last day of the Rebel Heart Tour and they talked about guitar, amps, his next solo album and of course, Madonna!

Is there a favourite part of the show for you?
For me the song Burning Up because that is the biggest guitar song for me and she gives me a guitar solo, so that’s going to be my favourite. I love doing the acoustic with her too. That’s the great thing about this gig is that you do rock stuff, you do acoustic stuff, funk stuff. We always do atmospheric stuff, so I get to play so many styles, even jazz. There’s some jazz in there too.


Read the full interview here!